Township Form of Government

The Town of White Bear was organized on May 11, 1858, at John Lamb's Hotel. That meeting set the cornerstone for grass roots democracy in White Bear Township

Annual Town Meeting

Every year, Township government is renewed. An annual Town Meeting is held of electors, or voters, of the township. The meeting is presided over by a moderator selected at the beginning of the meeting from those in attendance.

Voters at the annual Town Meeting and at the special Town Meetings approve the tax levy, recommend a budget, and decide special questions prescribed by law.

Form of Government

The Town Board, together with the Clerk-Treasurer, governs the township. One of the Town Board members serves as the Chair. The official name of the Town Board is the Town Board of Supervisors.

Historically, there were many elected town officers. In addition to the Town Board, Clerk, and Treasurer, voters elected 2 Constables and 2 Justices of the Peace as well as an Assessor, an Overseer of the Poor and several district Road Overseers, among others.

In the beginning, all town officers were elected annually. The Chairman of the Town Board was elected directly to office by the voters.


In 1904, the Supervisors of the Town Board began serving rotating terms of three years each. Indirect election of the Chairman, by the Town Board, started in 1907. The Clerk and Treasurer began serving alternating two-year terms in 1928.

The offices of Clerk and Treasurer were merged in 1976. The new office of Clerk-Treasurer became appointed annually by the Town Board, rather than elected. In 1985, the title of Chairman was changed to Chair.

In 2015, the terms of the Town Board increased from 3 to 4 years. Elections were staggered to provide for 2 Supervisors to be chosen in the same election year with the 3 Supervisor selected to office two years later. Town Board members continued to be elected by individual ballot for individual offices.

Each succeeding Town Board has marked the passage of time. Throughout its history, the Town Board's guiding principle has been to preserve and promote grass roots democracy for the people of White Bear Township.