Special Assessment Policies


The purpose of the special assessment policy is to guide Township staff when preparing special assessment rolls for Town Board approval so as to assure uniform, consistent, fair and equitable treatment of all property owners in regard to the assessment of cost benefits to property for various improvement projects. 


The total amount of the assessments shall not exceed the project cost and shall be apportioned equally among similar properties based on benefit.

The standard term of assessments as part of a new subdivision and petitioned for by the developer shall be assessed for a period not to exceed 3 years. The standard term of assessment other public improvements shall be assessed for a period not to exceed 20 years.

The rate of interest on assessments shall be 2% greater than the rate of interest paid on bonds issued to finance the project, or if no bonds were issued, 2% greater than the anticipated rate of interest the Township would of paid if bonds had been issued.

After Town Board approval of an assessment roll, the owner of any property assessed may pay to the Township all or a portion of the assessment. If such payment is made within 30 days no interest will be charged. Any assessment balance will be sent to the County Auditor for collection with the next year’s property taxes on November 30th.