Water Efficiency Rebate Program

As of January 17, 2024 there is $10,775.47 left in rebate funds in the grant program.

The Metropolitan Council, through funding from the Clean Water Land and Legacy Amendment, has awarded White Bear Township a third water efficiency grant. The goal of the water efficiency grant program is to improve municipal water use. This grant funding has enabled White Bear Township to provide a Water Efficiency Rebate to current water customers who replace existing devices with specified water efficient products through June 30, 2024 or until funds are depleted.

About the Program

Rebates are only available to White Bear Township Water Customers with non-delinquent accounts. The product must be installed at the address listed on the account. A representative of the Township will verify installation of the water efficiency product(s). The product must be purchased between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2024. Expenses eligible for the rebate are the out-of-pocket cost of the product (pre-tax) and its installation only, not to include any owner labor costs. A minimum investment of $75.00 for homeowners or $200 for Commercial / HOA's is required on the Irrigation Audits. The township reserves the right to limit the number of rebates per White Bear Township water account. In addition, new construction and new developments are ineligible, as this program is intended as a current infrastructure replacement program.

The rebate is for 100% of the pretax cost of the item, up to the maximum rebate amount allowed on eligible water efficiency products. A minimum investment of $75.00 for homeowners or $200 for Commercial / HOA's is required on the Irrigation Audits.


Commercial / Homeowners Associations:

How to Apply

Obtain a Toilet, Dishwasher & Clothes Washer Rebate Form (PDF) or Irrigation Rebate Request Form (PDF) online, or in person at the Township's Administrative Offices. The applicant is responsible for securing any permits necessary for the work, if required. Submit your application in person or by mail to:

White Bear Township

1281 Hammond Road

White Bear Township, MN 55110

A copy of the original purchase receipt and invoice for installation (if applicable) must be provided with the application. The receipt must clearly identify the model number, date of purchase and the Energy Star or WaterSense program qualification information. For toilet purchases, both the tank and bowl must have the WaterSense label. Applications are processed in order of date received, as rebate funds are limited! Rebate applications must be postmarked by July 31, 2024 to be eligible, assuming funds are still available.


If you have questions, feel free to call the Township Administrative Offices at 651-747-2750. We also recommend you view our Water Efficiency Rebate Program FAQs (PDF).