Surface Water Management

What is Surface Water?

Our lakes, rivers, streams, groundwater and wetlands are some of our most valuable natural
resources. White Bear Township is committed to protecting these natural resources for future
generations and you can help. Paved streets, parking lots, yard wastes, soil erosion, and rooftops
can contribute to the collection of pollutants like pesticides, sediment, oil, chemicals, and litter
that make their way through the drainage systems and discharge, in many cases untreated, to our
lakes, rivers, groundwater and streams.

The Township's Surface Water Management Plan

The Township's Surface Water Management Plan will help to guide the protection and
management of surface waters, ground water, and related natural resources in White Bear
Township. The Plan was developed to meet the requirements of the State Statutes, the
Metropolitan Council, and local watershed organizations. This Plan combines the Town’s
previous Surface Water Management Plan (2001) with more recent policy documents,
plans and permits from various levels of government. The Plan incorporates the
requirements of the Town’s MS4 permit and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, which
have been approved by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA). 

White Bear Township is in the watersheds of the Rice Creek Watershed District (RCWD)
and the Vadnais Lake Area Water Management Organization (VLAWMO). 

Per State Statute, White Bear Township is required to complete its LSWMP update within
two years of the Watershed Management Plans. VLAWMO adopted its updated Watershed
Management Plan in December, 2007 and RCWD updated its plan in January 2010. White
Bear Township expects to again update the Surface Water Management Plan within
two years after the next Watershed Management Plan update. 

The Plan describes key land and water resources. Lakes, shoreland, and wetlands are
significant features in the landscape. High quality natural areas are especially present in
the many park and public lands within White Bear Township. 

Because the Township is almost completely developed, much of the emphasis in the  
Surface Water Management Plan is on identification of existing issues and planning for
redevelopment and retrofitting. The plan includes an inventory of surface waters and
natural resources within the Township. Goals and policies provide guidance for decision making
by the Township. Water resource issues were identified in cooperation with the
watershed organizations. The Plan concludes with implementation measures.