Peterson Road Street Improvements


Peterson Road is the last remaining Township maintained gravel road. Gravel road maintenance is different than pavement maintenance and requires special maintenance efforts. Erosion of the gravel surface occurs occasionally and must be reviewed after larger storms. Gravel is added to maintain a suitable driving surface.

Lot development of Three Oaks and the Mehegan Lane connection were built in 2018. Homes are currently being constructed within the Three Oaks development. As construction has been underway, the road connection has been closed. As the development project nears full buildout, the roadway will be opened and more traffic will use Peterson Road south of Mehegan Lane. Opening Mehegan lane to Peterson Road will be a change for the current residents who reside on Peterson Road as it will increase Peterson Road vehicle usage.

On December 12, 2019, the White Bear Township Town Board ordered the preparation of a feasibility report for Peterson Road street improvements.


- Watermain extension

- Sanitary sewer extension

- Stormwater collection and treatment

- Bituminous surfacing

- Concrete curb and gutter

- Driveway aprons

- Pedestrian improvements

- Drainage improvements

Preliminary Project Schedule

Authorize Preparation of Feasibility Report                                                  December 12, 2019

Town Board Discussions                                                                              Various Meetings

Accept Feasibility Report                                                                              June 1, 2020

Call for Public Hearing                                                                                  

Neighborhood Informational Meeting                                                           June 17, 2020

Public Hearing                                                                                              July 6, 2020

Open House                                                                                                 August 5, 2020

Accept Plans and Specifications

Authorize Advertisement for Bids

Bid Openings

Award Contract

Begin Construction

Substantial Construction Completion

Authorize Amount to be Assessed

Assessment Hearing / Adopt Assessments

Construction Completion